There are a dime a dozen RPA automation software tools available in the market. This can make it challenging, if not confusing, for organizations to pick the one that will suit them the most. In this blog, we’ll look at the top 10 RPA tools that are set to dominate the automation landscape in 2020.

RPA is pegged to reach $2.9 billion by 2021 from a mere $250 million in 2016 (Forrester), fueled by digital business demands. This hyper growth will only be achieved if the top RPA tool providers continue to offer solutions that are beyond plugging gaps in legacy systems. Here is our list of top 10 RPA Tools of 2020.

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Blue Prism
  • NICE Systems
  • Pegasystems
  • Kofax
  • Context
  • WinAutomation by Softomotive
  • WinActor® by NTT-AT
  • Jacada

UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, NICE Systems, Pegasystems were the top five RPA vendors controlling 47% of the market share in 2018 (Gartner).

RPA Tool #1. UiPath

UiPath is by far the most popular RPA tool in the market. It has all the main capabilities and renders assistance for Citrix. An extremely user-friendly tool, UiPath can handle complex processes and can be used for businesses of any size. UiPath is an extensible RPA tool for automating desktop or web apps. Some of the notable features are:

  • Uipath can be hosted on cloud environments and implicit terminals
  • It has auto-login to run the bots.
  • Scraping solution that accurately serves with .Net, Java, Flash, PDF, Legacy, and SAP
  • Faster automation, even on Citrix
  • It has an open platform
  • Manage multiple processes irrespective of its complexity


RPA Tool #2. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere, like UiPath, has all the main features of an RPA tool. It has both cloud and on-premise services and is best suited for medium and large businesses. Automation Anywhere has cognitive elements that can address unstructured data. Other main features include:

  • High security through authentication, encryption, and credentials
  • Real-time analytics and reports
  • Smart automation that quickly automates complex tasks
  • Supports script-less automation
  • Distribute tasks to several computers.


RPA Tool #3. Blue Prism

A user-friendly RPA tool for developers, Blue Prism has an intuitive drag and drop features to automate manual, rule-based repetitive work. One needs to have some programming skills to work on Blue Prism, which works on any platform and with any application. Best suited for medium and large companies, the main features of this RPA tool are:

  • Supports multi-environment deployment
  • Can be implemented within 4 to 6 weeks
  • Analytics suits with several features for robust reporting
  • Has security for software credentials and network
  • Real-time feedback with Control Room

RPA Tools

RPA Tool #4. Nice Systems

Nice Systems is an intelligent RPA tool that operates both on the cloud as well as on-premise software. With high-level analytics of unstructured as well as structured data, it allows businesses to make accurate inferences. Other features of the took include:

  • Offers automation of both attended and unattended servers
  • Automates ordinary tasks and ensures compliance adherence
  • Ideal for back offices, Finance, HR functions
  • Helps in greater resource utilization


RPA Tool #5. Pegasystems

Pegasystems is a popular Business Process Management tool that supports all usage scenarios. It consolidates architecture on the basis of a rule management system and the mechanism of predictive analytics. It can be used on desktop servers and operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool is most suited for medium and large enterprises. Some of the features of Pegasystems include:

  • Flexible configuration of pre-built solutions
  • Execution data is stored in the memory instead of database
  •  It provides a cloud-based solution
  • Easily delegate work to desktop, server, as well as employees
  • Open APIs to connect with current services

RPA Tool #6. Kofax

With the capability to operate with any application, Kofax is one of the best RPA tools for acquiring, intensifying and delivering information from any data source. It doesn’t require coding skills and can process data from any source, including website and desktop application. Other features include:

  • Can be accessed centrally from a server
  • Easily combines with Kapow Katalyst Platform
  • Automate data gathering and input to eliminate errors
  • Intelligent Software Robots to increase operational efficiency
  • Robotic Process Intelligence for continuously monitoring and optimizing processes
  • Built-in analytics for error-free reporting

RPA Tools

RPA Tool #7.  Context

Ideal for front offices, Context is a widely used on-premise and cloud services tool. It provides a complete client view and facilitates the flow of data within two or more applications. Other features include:

  • It can interact with Context can interact with all workstation applications in parallel as well as with the applications that are reduced.
  • Context supports RDP hybrid virtualization and Citrix environment
  • It can automate tasks in real-time
  • Collect and manage a contextual data set
  • Monitor the processes done on the workstation


RPA Tool #8. WinAutomation

A Windows-based platform, WinAutomation by Softomotive is a leading desktop automation tool that allows the development of software robots. This RPA tool provides enterprise-grade security and controls and is connected to the best AI technologies. Other features include:

  • Code-free development of bots
  • Supports parallel execution during testing
  • Integration with leading third-party applications
  • Image and optical character recognition


RPA Tool #9. WinActor®

WinActor by NTT-AT is one of the fastest-growing RPA tools in the market due to its ease of use and simplicity. It is ideal for small businesses and can automate repetitive sequences, where the tasks in a sequence can be created and customized according to a business’ needs.

  • No programming skills required
  • Automates various applications including SAP, IE, Office
  • Simple, drag-and-drop, graphical modeling features
  • Capable of incorporating enterprise applications and websites interactions


RPA Tool #10. Jacada

Jacada RPA is also one of the leading players in the RPA market, being declared a “Major Contender” in RPA Everest Group’s 2019 “RPA – Technology Vendor Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix™ Assessment.”  It is mostly used for creating interactions, Communication centers, and customer services. Some notable features include:

  • An unparalleled level of flexibility for automated processes handling
  • The perfect tool for desktop automation
  • Hybrid RPA capabilities that include Attended and Unattended bots

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