910, 2018

IT Process Transformation

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It's ironic that IT remains amongst the least automated functions in many organizations today, given the last decade’s increases in digitization and other technological innovations. But it's true, traditional IT teams — whose resources are [...]

310, 2018

RPA Implementation Concerns

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Many companies are uncertain where and how to implement robotics and automation systems. Of course, these types of transformations are accompanied with questions and doubts. No doubt, questions and doubts increase the bigger the transformation [...]

405, 2018

5 Reasons Why Business Intelligence Is Vital To Your Business

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Business Intelligence is all about the conveyance and integration of information that is relevant and useful to the business organization. BI is used by companies to identify and monitor trends to be able to [...]

405, 2018

6 Benefits Of Digital Transformation

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Transforming your business involves digitizing all your business workflows including the online customer channels and the inner processes of your business. But what are the benefits of such a transformation? And is it necessary? [...]