Nuummite [nuhm-ahyt]. Sounds like “NEW MIGHT”.

Nuummite is a gem of volcanic origin formed over 3.8 billion years ago making it one of the oldest stones found on earth. It was found under the ice-caps of Greenland.

Nuummite Consulting aim is to assist those “diamonds in the rough” businesses within the MENA region through the infusion of practical experience, process, and technologies.

Nuummite started in ventures seeding and investment. Our aim was to find those difficult to find gems within the MENA region and invest into. Our investments ranged from financial to expertise and business facilitation. We have invested into several ventures over the past few years; some have flourished and some were not as lucky. Those that flourished gave us motivation and those that didn’t made us stronger, wiser and kept us going.

Nuummite Consulting is a resulting venture of one of these investments. Nuummite Consulting is a network of likeminded experts who believe that quality and client satisfaction are above all. Our consultants and partners are truly all gems.


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