We have partnered with the leader in Social Analytics,Crimson Hexagon. Through Crimson’s technology, we help the world’s smartest brands use insights derived from social data to drive strategy across their organizations.

Crimson Hexagon allows businesses to answer strategic business questions using flexible, customizable categories. Whether you want to look at consumer trends, purchase intent, product attributes, drivers of sentiment, competitors, or category-level conversations, our social media analytics platform can help. Best of all, with Crimson’s social media analytics tool you pay only for insights – not data.

How we can help you:


Whether you want to look at your own brand, the competition, the industry, or a category-level conversation, Crimson Hexagon can uncover the insights that are critical for your brand strategy.


Need to win the account? Designing a campaign strategy? Measuring sponsorship value? We can help you find real answers to your strategic questions.


Analyzing political discourse, finding out which campaigns are working, and engage the next generation of donors all require deep insights that Crimson Hexagon can help your social impact organization find.

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