Our network of experts provide a wealth of first-hand experience and connections across a wide variety of industries and functions.  We help entrepreneurs at Seed, Post Seed, or Growth stages with Strategy, Technology, Operations, and Finance areas.


Scale plays a significant factor in a company’s profitability and value. To realize scale, a company has to grow outside its comfort zone.  We will help your firm detail a growth strategy and be by your side while executing its various plans towards success.  Starting with the Board and Executive Team, we help translating long term strategies and goals into practical initiatives to be executed by the expanded team. We will also oversee and support your team to ensure all initiatives are executed efficiently to result in the desired outcome.  


To help you get funding for your business, we utilize both internal and external data, we will work with your management team to develop financial models and scenarios that enable you to make decisions that shape the future of the company. 

In addition to developing your financial model, we will help you reach out to banks and investors to fund you business.


Many startups in the region are created by experts in Business, Marketing, HR, or any other non-technical function.  However, almost all startups require a strong technical foundation.  We help fill the gap by providing technical support in terms of oversight, project management, or actual implementation.  We have been involved in several start-ups regionally and globally and developed significant technology platforms across mobile and web domains.


For all your inquiries, or to get in contact with one of our experts, email us on sales@nuummiteconsulting.com