Why do some Entrepreneurs get significant funding for their startups from multiple sources and others struggle to get a small amount from one? If you look at the amount of funding in the region; it is quite obvious that there is a significant amount of money going into startups and a number of investors who are willing to invest more in promising ideas. As a matter of fact, MENA investors are actively pursuing tech companies and new startups.

Since 2012, over $12 billion from MENA investors were invested across 523 deals. Deals with private companies around the world with MENA investor participation increased 200% since 2012, to over 160 in 2016. MENA investors have invested in global companies such as Uber (US), Flipkart (India), Lyft (US), Jawbone (US) and Big Basket (India) in addition to regional ones like Noon (UAE) and Careem (UAE).

But how can you, as an entrepreneur, get your share of the pie and reel investors to invest more in the region rather than spend their investments abroad?

Well, your first interaction with the investors happens through your elevator pitch and your investment pitch; it all boils down to those ten minutes, the ten minutes that will determine the future of your startup and its funding prospects. Those ten minutes are your key to getting the funding and support you need. Investors are presented with hundreds of startups; but to stand out, your investment pitch must be SMARTE!

We’re here to tell you how to develop a SMARTE investment pitch that will leave an impression with investors and secure you some funding.

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The SMARTE keys for a successful investment pitch:

Be Specific and Simple

You only have 10 minutes to present your idea and be convincing; find the best words and descriptions to explain exactly what your product/service is and what is unique about it. Explain briefly who your target audience are and how do you plan to acquire your customers. Explain your revenue model simply and specifically.

Remember, Simplicity is key, a simple, precise idea is easier to understand and buy into.


You should share some numbers and analysis with the investors BUT, you should not share too much data and bore the investors. You want to include the market size and analysis, but do not spend too much time on it. It is more important for investors to see the value behind the idea; leave them with a memorable message.


You must show investors that what you are seeking is achievable and your goals are attainable; be straightforward with telling them how much you need, why you need the money, what will it be used for and what is the intended outcome. Also, be sure to include how much money has been invested, by whom and the percentages of ownership. Finally, remind investors why your management team can manage their investment for growth.

Relevant and Realistic

One of the most important things in the investment pitch is to be relevant and relate to the investors. Tell a story and show passion and enthusiasm, the energy that you leave behind is what will stick with the investors so amp up that energy level. Connect to the investors’ head and heart by understanding your investors, what they are interested in and then engage them on an emotional level.


Time is key, investors do not have all the time to sit and listen to a detailed and lengthy investment pitch. Your elevator pitch should not be longer than One minute and your investment pitch should not be longer than Ten minutes. Try to limit your investment pitch to 10-12 simple, clean and engaging slides.

And finally,

End with an Exit strategy

End with a Bang!! Your Exit Strategy shows investors that you have thought about it and shows them how far you are planning to go. Investors seek big payoffs; if they do not think they will make money off your idea, they will be more inclined to share their investment elsewhere. Our advice for you is to keep the investors engaged until the very end, and show them a futuristic yet realistic plan to your startup’s potential and where you see it heading.

Your investment pitch is your first impression; it is the key to the door. If you work hard on it and make it SMARTE, you will get yourself a foot in the door, leave a strong impression which will get you your share of the investment pie.

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