Several Government Authorities and Corporates have mandates to support and further the entrepreneurship ecosystem.  Such mandates and initiatives span several avenues of support: Funding, Incubating, Mentoring, Connecting, and even Procurement.

Through our Project Management experts, we develop long term detailed plans for executing the initiatives while achieving the intended goals and KPI’s.  We ensure that our Stakeholders are updated on a continuous basis with all project updates as we manage activities with agility allowing for any change in plans or tactics.

Our experts provide Startups with practical support on behalf of the Government/Corporate Initiative including: Financial Planning, Tech Support, Research, and Business Planning support.

In addition, through our network of Startups, Incubators and Investors, we are able to strike partnerships and cooperation projects that increase the value and benefit of the Government / Corporate Initiative.  Such partnerships build up credibility for such initiatives and provide them with a sustainable agenda and sets of activities.