We help our clients make informed business decisions using Systems, Dashboards, and Data Analytics
Our Business Intelligence experts provide data models that help Predict trends that enable Sales, Marketing, and Operations to Optimize their activities for higher ROI and reduced operational costs.
We utilize existing Internal Data coupled with other sources to provide trends and creative BI insights.

Using state of the art Data Visualization tools, we build custom Dashboards to present Executives with visualizations that portray data in an easy to understand manner.  Such Dashboards assist the senior leadership team with decisions and monitoring of key metrics and progress towards goals.

Financial and Operational Dashboards are built per customer requirements and need.

Dashboards can be shared online with other users, and custom access can be provided per role and level of authority.

Mobile / Tablet access is provided through specialized apps mirroring the website functionality


For all your inquiries, or to get in contact with one of our experts, email us on sales@nuummiteconsulting.com