Biban 2017 is an SME (small and medium enterprise) 4-day conference that was held between the 17th and the 20th of this month, in KSA. The conference aimed at providing SMEs with strategies that would help them succeed and grow.

Biban 2017 focused on SME development within the Kingdom and was attended by regulators, consultants and advisors, SMEs, and government officials. The conference was made up of keynotes, workshops, networking sessions, and panels. Some of which covered the following topics:

  1. An Accounting Perspective on the introduction of VAT and IFRS in Saudi Arabia and its impact on SMEs.
  2. Building a successful Startup.
  3. Business Incubation for KSA SMEs.
  4. The Role of Banks in KSA SME Financing.

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Companies/organizations attending such an even help in providing a setting for learning, innovation, and partnership opportunities with the Saudi SME sector.

Importance of Biban and similar conferences

As the GCC countries focus on diversifying their economy and relying less on Oil each year, we witness more support for SMEs in the region. Biban and similar conferences aim to support SMEs so that they could contribute to the prosperity of the country’s economy. It is all about preparing the right ecosystem for SMEs in Saudi Arabia to ensure their continued growth and success and encouraging new startups to enter the market, through investments by local interested parties.

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