Through our partnership with Pio-Tech, we offer our Banking clients with a rounded offering of Business Intelligence and Business Process Management solutions.  Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider, with a commitment to perpetual innovative performance, powered by strategic alliances with distinguished business partners, and internal skillful & visionary team of consultants dedicated to enriching our customers with bright Ideas for enterprise management solutions.

Bank-BI® offers an all- embracing business intelligence solution, which aims to summon answers to the challenging needs of today’s banking industry. It gives you a vantage point above the fray, with ready to use analytics, reporting tools, and applications which various stakeholders across the bank can use at any given time, thereby, enabling and empowering them to optimize their ability to leverage and act on critical information.

Whether you’re implementing a new regulation, taking on a new competitive strategy, or putting new efficiency practices into place, you’ll be able to find all the information relevant to those decisions immediately.

With Bank-BI®, you have the power to obtain the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your bank’s growth and success. Anywhere, anytime!

Bank BPM® is a complete customer service management solution comprising a set of pre-packaged ready-to-go products, revolutionizing technology, know-how and consulting.It delivers proven methods of customer acquisition and effective onboarding. This enables you to offer customers relevant products maximizing their profitability while helping you to handle all unique customer cases and exceed service expectations.

Bank BPM’s® cutting edge mobile and social BPM approach helps you conveniently service customers through multiple channels including the web, mobile, and social media.

It facilitates effective operational excellence through providing elite services while managing operational risk and complying with your banking regulations.


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